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Things We Saw Today: George Miller’s Fury Road Plans Date Back to the ’90s

Plus, new images from Star Wars lands at Disney!!


Oh what a lovely day indeed! Looks like George Miller started dreaming up scenarios for Mad Max: Fury Road in 1999 and there’s proof in some old designs that film editor Will McCrabb posted on Twitter recently (via Nerdist).

  • In other blasts from the past, what’s this about William Shatner hosting a Star Trek cruise? (via Blastr)


Forgive this Star Wars heavy day, but I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that there are new images from these Star Wars parts of Disneyland and Disney World and they are all sorts of beautiful. (via Collider)

  • Okay also, let’s talk about the fact that Colin Trevorrow, director of Jurassic World, has been picked to direct Episode IX, shall we? (via
  • Finally, how cute are these Jedi-inspired Her Universe back to school designs? There’s also some Marvel stuff too. (via Fashionably Geek)

Okay, how great is this Hateful Eight/The Thing mashup trailer? Also, how great would it be if the twist of this new Tarantino flick was that there was an alien creature out to kill them all? (Don’t spoil it for us, people who read the leaked original script.) (via Live for Films)

  • In other great mashups of the day, oh my god the Philadelphia police have had a Zack attack and attempted to use that anti-drug PSA from Saved by the Bell as their own and it’s priceless. (via Daily Dot)

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