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Things We Saw Today: “Nice Guy” Behaviors That Are Actually Microagressions

And a gender non-conforming feminist faerie!

nice guy

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Our friends at Everyday Feminism posted an awesome series of comics by Christine Deneweth called Feminist Faerie Magic: For the “Nice Guys” Who Try, But Don’t Seem to Get It. Check them out, and share them with the nice guys in your life!

Do you have a fandom you’re passionate about? (Dumb question, I know.) More importantly – are you into femslash? Well there’s a convention for you! Check out TGIF/F: a gal pal convention, which is happening in Los Angeles in February 2016! (via Twitter)

  • Ali Larter is set to reprise her role as Claire Redfield in the upcoming final chapter of the Resident Evil film franchise opposite Milla Jovovich. (via Deadline Hollywood)

Well now that we’ve shared, it’s your turn! What have you lot seen today? Let’s hear about it in the comments below!

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