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Things We Saw Today: Pequod Wrecks Ships with Whales and Lasers

Call me Mobias. Some years ago – never mind how long precisely – having little or no destruction in my life, and nothing particular to interest me at the bottom of the sea, I thought I would swim about a little and see the airy part of the world. It is a way I have of driving off the ships and regulating the whalers. (Check out this rad procedurally generated game about a whale who sinks ships. Seriously.) (via BoingBoing)

  • Margaret Atwood wrote a fantastic essay on our future with regards to climate change–cli-fi, as it’s called. Matter has also rounded up other great authors who share works of fiction and other essays on what the future might be like and what awaits us if we continue on the path we’re on. Some scary, foreboding stuff here, but absolutely worth the read.
  • Speaking of futures, apparently Star Wars: Rogue One just landed actor Jonathan Aris. You’ll remember him as Anderson on Sherlock. He’s playing a character named Senator Jebel. No other details were shared, however. Alas. (via Spinoff)

This takes me back to #raidersofthelostark #notallgreenscreen #xmen #xmenapocalypse

A photo posted by Bryan Singer (@bryanjaysinger) on

Bryan Singer just showed off a neat photo from the set of X-Men: Apocalypse. Sadly, this one doesn’t feature Patrick Stewart or anything, but it does feature a stern-looking Egyptian statue and a tiny-by-comparison Singer. (via Empire)

  • Cartoonist Sydney Padua teased a neat graphic novel to the fine folks over at BoingBoing that centers around Ada Lovelace. It’s a bit of revisionist history, taking a few liberties with the actual history of the invention of the computer and having some fun with it. It’s also super meta in that it’s a book based on what Padua imagines a book like that would look like. Yeah, it’s kind of confusing, but if you check out the full description, it makes a lot more sense.
  • Speaking of badass women doing badass things, two of the executives behind the Doctor Who revival and Torchwood have started their own production company. What is it called? Bad Wolf, of course. (via The Hollywood Reporter)

Now if you’ll excuse us, we’ll be wrecking some ships with our whale that happens to have a laser on its head. But what, pray tell, have you gracious gentlefolk seen today?

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