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Things We Saw Today: #WomenOnQuarters Petition Almost at 35,000 Signatures

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There’s currently a petition going around asking the US Treasury to feature great American women on quarters. They’ve rallied around the hashtag #WomenOnQuarters. Check out the petition and sign today!

  • Did you see Maze Runner last year? Are you going to be checking out its sequel, Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials? If so, check out this rad Collider interview with Giancarlo Esposito and Rosa Salazar, who play Jorge and Brenda, two denizens of the Scorch in the movie.
  • Garfield Minus Garfield Plus Lying Cat” is probably the best thing to come out of the “Garfield Minus Garfield” parodies on Tumblr. It’s what you’d get if you cross poor, lonely old Jon Arbuckle with Lying Cat from Saga. And yes, it’s as hilarious as it sounds. (via io9)

Adventure Time always does new, creative things with animation. Now, they’re dipping their toes into the stop-motion realm in the seventh season with the episode, “Bad Jubies.” Judging by the preview, it looks pretty exciting! (via Collider)

  • Better get your Marty McFly Nikes, puffy vests, lab coats, and flowery jeans together because Back to the Future is coming Back to the Theaters for its 30th anniversary. It’s doing it up big with a DVD and Blu-ray re-release as well. I really hope you like Huey Lewis and the News, because you’re going to be hearing a lot of them soon. (via Gizmodo)
  • Mark Hamill took to Twitter to respond to Amy Schumer’s risqué Star Wars GQ photo shoot. What did he say? “Got excited when I saw @amyschumer @GQMagazine pics & thought she was just cast in Ep 8! We should be so lucky.” Now there’s a parallel universe where Schumer’s in the Star Wars sequels. Hmm… (via The Hollywood Reporter)

Stuff on stuff on stuff on stuff. Pufnstuf. What neat stuff did y’all see today?

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