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Things We Saw Today: Live-Action Attack On Titan Film Releases New Images

Because the anime version of the Colossal Titan WASN'T CREEPY ENOUGH!

colossal titan

Check out these newly-released images from the upcoming live-action film version of Attack on Titan! The first film is due August 1st in Japan, while the second – Attack on Titan: End of the World – is due in September. (via Spinoff Online)

  • The Rock’s latest film, San Andreas, is making BANK in China. In its first six days, it made $55 million! Guess that means Hollywood can’t use China as their excuse for not casting diverse actors in their films anymore. (via The Hollywood Reporter)
  • Marvel Comics is running a new initiative after Secret Wars called “All-New, All-Different,” in which the continuity is shaken up… again. This time, the comics universe will include X-23 in a more Wolverine-like role, and a new, “controversial” Hulk. (via


The LightSail satellite is up and running! And its sent back some beautiful photos to prove it! (via Gizmodo)

  • It’s inspiring when kids wanna help other kids! Eight-year-old Christian McPhilamy grew his hair out for two years, and has now cut it to donate it to children with cancer. Because he’s thoughtful and rad. (via Uproxx)
  • Sadly, not even organizations that fight for justice always get it right. An internal report of the Human Rights Campaign reveals all the ways they don’t get it right. (via Buzzfeed)

harry potter selfie wands

Harry Potter: Selfies Are Magic. Check out all the many ways in which the characters in the Harry Potter films like to share their exploits with social media. (via Kotaku)

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