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Things We Saw Today: Marvel’s Phase 9: Lokitty’s Revenge

Yeah. You read that right. Prepare yourself.

You didn’t think you’d make it through today without at least one joke trailer for upcoming Marvel movies, did you?


This is an adorable little K-9 toy from Doctor Who… that you control with an app on your phone. Yes, we will take all of them, please. How much? (via io9)

  • Julie Newmar will be back to voice Catwoman along with Adam West and Burt Ward as Batman and Robin in an animated movie version of the 1960s Batman TV series! (via Nerdist and Collider)
  • David Duchovny has some teases about what will happen in the new X Files episodes and some thoughts on picking up an old character as a more experienced actor. (via THR)

Dorkly presents this handy chart of famous mad scientists’ intelligence and madness. Although, they may have made the mistake of underestimating Jeff Goldblum on both counts. NEVER underestimate Goldblum.

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