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Things We Saw Today: A Sexy Jeff Goldblum to Wear All Over Your Body

Just remember, don't wear it on the most important day of your professional life. Unless you're the President of the Jeff Goldblum Fan Club. They'd you'd probably be ok.

Jeff Goldblum Clashist ShirtThe description of this shirt on Clashist is “Because Jeff Goldblum is very sexy.” Fair enough? (via Clashist)They’ve gotta stop playing with our emotions like this: Doctor Who‘s leaving Amazon Prime because Amazon wants it all to themselves but Netflix has (thank goodness) recently reinstated its iron grip. (via The Verge)

  • President Obama has announced an initiative to analyze the DNA of one million people “to learn how genetic variants affect health and disease.” As he said in his announcement: “Precision medicine gives us one of the greatest opportunities for new medical breakthroughs we’ve ever seen,” Obama said, promising that it would “lay a foundation for a new era of life-saving discoveries.” (via Huffington Post)

Tetris now has an official fashion line. (via Daily Dot)

  • Imagine a world in which Chris Pratt got to stay pudgy for Guardians Of the Galaxy. Marvel did reportedly sit him down and give him the “lose weight” ultimatum (:(), but as James Gunn said recently (via Uproxx): “The secret that I didn’t tell Chris until after we were done, is that for me I would’ve fought to keep him even if he was chubby, because he was the best. He fit that character the best. And if that meant that character was a little beefier, and we had the first chubby superhero, I would’ve gone with it. Because he was the best actor for the role.”
  • Also in Chris Pratt news, he says playing Indiana Jones would be an “awesome opportunity.” But the question here is if he is playing Indiana Jones. (via JoBlo)

Funko-HP-Figures-mtv-1423835652 Voldemort has never looked so adorably disgruntled as he does in this preview from MTV for the new Pop! Vinyl Figures from Funko Warner Bros. Click over to read more about their debut. (via MTV)

Men's Rights Activists

And today in real-life people who seem like Parks characters in the best way (and who ball harder than I could ever dream), Ruth Bader Ginsberg — Supreme Court Justice, but also probably Supreme in the American Horror Story: Coven sense — addressed her napping during the State Of the Union thusly: “I wasn’t, 100 percent sober.” Notorious, etc. It was all Justice Kennedy’s fault, really, for providing such a great dinner that just happened to require some fine California wine. (via Jezebel)

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