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Things We Saw Today: Shoes Inspired By NASA

Yes, that's a moonwalk. Everything I do in these babies is a moonwalk.



Good showing so far, 2015: we’ve got Marty McFly’s self-lacing shoes and two pairs of Adidas shoes inspired by iconic NASA space suits. Too bad these fly kicks will run you up to $455. (via

  • Here, let Tracy Clayton and Heben Nigatu of Buzzfeed explain why referring to women as “females” is “rude and weird.”
  • NFL’s domestic violence partner No More is, for all intents and purposes, a sham. (via Jezebel)

125 people have teamed up to bring Game of Thrones to Minecraft! Brick by brick, row by row, gonna build that West-er-os! (via Kotaku)

  • Speaking of Westeros, a Game of Thrones pop-up restaurant is opening in London on February 13th for a three-day feast. (via The Verge)
  • Exciting Star Trek rumor alert: Justin Lin is apparently looking to cast three new major female characters. (via DenofGeeks)


Behold: this is Atchoum. A real life, actual cat. (via Bored Panda)

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