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Things We Saw Today: You Can Now Own Leggings With Benedict Cumberbatch’s Face On Them

Stretchylegs Cumbercrotch.


Do you love yourself some Benny? Now you get to wear him all over your lower body. Not a big fan of the Cumberbatch? Console yourself by farting in his face! These leggings are a win-win for everyone. (Jezebel)


I really hope that when the 84-year-old welder who built this pit presented it to his grandchildren, he instructed them on the importance of fire safety. Remember, kids, watch out for the thermal exhaust port! It’s located…well, everywhere. The whole pit is a thermal exhaust port, that’s kind of the point. (Geekologie)


It’s our first look at the cast Now You See Me 2, the sequel that nobody wanted but will feature Daniel Radcliffe doing magic again so who cares what anyone wanted in the first place, maaan. (/Film)

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