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Things We Saw Today: That’s No Moon

In space, no one can rear you scream.

Boy, this image of Comet 67P that was taken by the European Space Agency’s Rosetta spacecraft looks like something, but I can’t put my finger on just butt it is. Err, what it is. Go check out some more details on the ESA website.

  • The animated DC movie Throne of Atlantis is coming to DVD next year, and we’ve gotten our first look at what to expect from this version of Aquaman. Spoiler alert: he doesn’t look like Jason Momoa. Sadness. (via TV Guide)
  • The Hole Story, an award-winning RPG put together by a team of girls aged 10-16, is getting a Kickstarter campaign. (via Game Dynamo)

horns Remember the trailer we posted for Horns the other day? The poster for the Daniel Radcliffe-starring fantasy thriller was just released, and it is pretty captivating. (via Gotham News)

  • The Verge is reporting that there are two competing Dungeons and Dragons documentaries in the works, because of course there are. Guys, what happened to not splitting the party?
  • Apparently Disney is prepping for a Haunted Mansion TV special. Sorry, if Guillermo Del Toro isn’t involved, we aren’t interested. (via The Hollywood Reporter)


As Neatorama notes, this iceberg very much resembles our favorite caped crusader. Hey, you think maybe the Titanic actually sank because it killed Batman’s parents?

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