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Things We Saw Today: The New Neighborhood Watch Is Very Intimidating

Beware, goomba prowlers!


Andrew Lam uses wheatpaste to nerd-ify neighborhood watch signs in Ontario, Canada. The citizens of Toronto must rest easier knowing they’re watched over by Robocop, Batman, Wonder Woman, and other defenders of the night. (via Uproxx)

  • In other Canadian news: the Vancouver school board is introducing gender-neutral pronouns. (via io9)
  • A bachelor party discovered the skull of a Stegomastodon. The bar’s been raised, Maids of Honor. (via TIME)


Roadtrippers is making traveling more fun with this map that assigns places in Westeros to parts of America. The Canadian border is The Wall. Obviously. So Andrew Lam’s Wonder Woman must be one of the watchers on The Wall, then? Holy poutine, it’s all coming together!

  • The amazing Mary Steenburgen is booked for the next season of Orange Is The New Black. (via TVLine)
  • Set phasers to fun with this 8-bit Star Trek game. (via The Daily Dot)


A handmade, crocheted, Amigurumi Ewok. Available on Etsy. Yub nub.

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