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Things We Saw Today: Teenage Mullet Peter Dinklage

Things We Saw Today

Redditor cameroncrazy85 found this bemullet’ed picture of Peter Dinklage from the actor’s 1987 high school yearbook. Now I’m imagining Tywin—no, not Tyrion, Tywin—Lannister with that haircut. Someone stop me. Or Photoshop it. Either way. (The Wrap)

  • Didja hear? Showtime’s Penny Dreadful got renewed for a second season. (Geekosystem)
  • The World War Z sequel has a writer… and it’s Steven Knight, who wrote and directed this summer’s entertaining and inventive Tom-Hardy-in-a-car-talking-on-the-phone movie Locke, in addition to Eastern Promises. No, I won’t start looking forward to the World War Z sequel. Nooooo. (Empire)

Anybody planning a summer beach vacation? Let us direct your eyes toward this Wonder Woman swimsuit by Pinup Girl Clothing. (Geek Alerts)

Snake and Fawn sells jewelry inspired by the handwriting of famous authors. Above: Tolkien’s “adventure”. (When Geeks Wed)

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