Things We Saw Today: Happy National Siblings Day From Game of Thrones

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Whoever runs Game of Thrones‘ official Twitter account deserves a raise.

  • Reasons McKellen Me Softly is amazing: It’s a raffle of Sir Ian McKellen-related art. Its proceeds will benefit Geeks OUT, a nonprofit organization that supports the queer geek community. And finally: That name. It takes place in New York City on May 29th. You can find out more on their website.
  • Substitute teacher Laura Jane Klug was suspended for being transgender, which in Texas is a completely legal thing to do because screw you, Texas. Except Austin. Austin’s OK. The Frisky has more details as well as information on how to support Klug at the school board’s public meeting tonight.

“Do you still long for the carrot that got away? Its earthy smell and soft, fluttery leaves? When you were together, you felt so grounded. It was a healthy relationship. But now it is over,” reads the product description for this giant carrot body pillow by Etsy seller jumbojibbles. No judgement here. (Neatorama)

  • Do you like the Apex Magazine short stories we post every month? Then you might be interested to know that they have a pretty nifty subscription drive going on. If they get 250 new subscribers by April 18th they’ll be able to add an additional piece of original short fiction to every issue.
  • Our own Rebecca Pahle, writing here in the third person, discusses Game of Thrones‘ nudity imbalance at Pajiba.
  • The powers that be want you to know that they’re still chugging away at that Assassin’s Creed movie. They’ve even hired new screenwriters! Specifically Adam Cooper and Bill Collage, who wrote the original draft of Ridley Scott’s pretty-much-everyone-in-Biblical-history-is-white-no-really-whitewashing-what’s-whitewashing? movie Exodus: Gods and Kings. (Deadline)

TARDIS Oxfords by Etsy seller SewWhatByMonica. Yesssssss. (Fashionably Geek)

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