Things We Saw Today: Queen Latifah as Ursula the Sea Witch

Things We Saw Today

At the Disney Parks Blog

Speaking of Disney Princesses. It’s about time someone said it. Tinkerbell is so the green-eyed monster. (But Belle as the vain one? Pssshhht, hardly.) (At Full Of Whoa)

Is it something we said? (At Platypus Robot)

Probably the only way to get some people to eat green eggs and ham would be to put it in cake form. So be it. (At Cake Wrecks)

SPOILER WARNING: If you click on the bigger size of this Battlestar Galactica infographic and you have not yet finished the series, there are SPOILERS. WARNING COMPLETE. (At Bill Ray’s Residual Self Image on Flickr)

Peepshi: For people who prefer rice crispies and marshmallows to raw fish (aka most people). (At Serious Eats)

Spidey, that’s a little disgusting. Don’t see what I’m talking about? io9 will help you out. (At UGO)

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