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Things We Saw Today: The Wolverine Can’t Wait to Sink His Claws Into This Burger

Things We Saw Today

Logan may be as close to immortal as it gets, but the man still needs to eat. Notice how he has scraped the top of this burger, the Red Robin Berserker Burger made in honor of The Wolverine, with his claws, so you know it’s his. (via The Geek Twins)

  • North Carolina legislators slipped more restrictions to abortion rights into a new, anti-muslim bill. (via The Frisky)
  • An adorable 13 inch tall robot named Kirobo will be sent up to the International Space Station with japanese astronaut Koichi Wakada.  The tiny guy will converse with astronauts, and probably either become a giant monster or a paranoid android if science fiction has anything to say about it. (via I Heart Chaos)

We’ve seen the whimsical Disney characters-as-companions illustrations of artist Karen Hallion, but with these bags from Etsy seller Crafty Ginger Mama, we can now carry our sonic screwdrivers around and enjoy the time traveling princesses and protagonists. (via Fashionably Geek)

  • The Humble eBook Bundle strikes again, with a new set of DRM free, pay what you like, geeky, charity supporting ebooks to purchase.  Plus, the books are gender-balanced in terms of authors, and if you pay above $9.80 you get to experience the Wil Wheaton and The Last Unicorn. (via Humble Bundle)
  • You can learn “Why Penny Arcade’s Foot In Mouth Problem Is Bigger Than Penny Arcade.” (via Wired)

Mr. Bean manages to sneak into the oddest places. He is know for being rather silent. (via Cubicle Bot)

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