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Things We Saw Today: Ya Ya Cthulhu Fhtagn

Things We Saw Today


This amazing Cthulhu mask made by Ian Langhor is enough to make you bow down to the dark god and offer yourself up in sacrifice to his dapper suit. (via Makezine)

  • In Sweden, commuter train drivers found a way to circumvent the rule preventing them from wearing shorts: skirts. Check out the full story (and photos of the skirted men) at the Frisky.
  • This Tumblr user made a fantastically detailed punk Peter Pan costume. Dat vest. (via tumblr)
  • In political news, it looks like the Senate is cutting the Sexual Assault measure from a military bill. It’s frustrating how unsurprising this is. (via the Jane Dough)
  • “Word of God” on the Marvel movie universe is that Guardians of the Galaxy and the Avengers are not going to cross over. Read more of what Whedon said about the two films here. (via Empire Online)
  • For those of you getting excited about the Into the Woods film that’s going into production, it seems like Tracey Ullman is in talks to join the cast! (via¬†the Hollywood Reporter)

This photo of a pig, Redditor posted. See Yoda in his forehead, you can. (via laughingsquid)

This Jurassic Park-themed Rolly Derby poster is the best derby poster. Ever. Everyone else can just go home. (via slashfilm)

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