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Things We Saw Today: Paperman meets Star Trek

Things We Saw Today


Artist Eddie Snow‘s illustrations make us wonder if Captain Kirk, Tony Stark, Don Draper, or Brock Samson could win the heart of the lady from Disney’s Paperman.  Spock doesn’t like Kirk’s odds.  (via iGeektrooper)

  • In case Game of Thrones left you too shocked to keep watching TV last night, Joan is moving up on Mad Men, and The Frisky has some thoughts about her ascent.
  • You can learn how Halle Berry had a crush on Michael Dorn, and how comic book writer Dwayne McDuffie changed that at blastr.

Martin Freeman, now smaller than a Hobbit: Sherlock is getting some high quality action figures. (via Topless Robot)

  • Tumblr is changing it’s layout again, so you might want to look back at how much the site has already changed.  Geekosystem is here to walk you through the rage and acceptance.
  • Rejoice!  Now you can own a soft, not-so-loving Grumpy Cat of your very own. (Via Geek Girl Diva)

Prepare for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire with Effie Trinket, Capitol Couture cover girl.

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