Things We Saw Today: Women of the Whedonverse T-Shirt

Things We Saw Today
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You can buy the t-shirt, by illustrator Tom Trager, at RedBubble. (via Fashionably Geek)

  • Via The Frisky, a priest in a northern village in Italy has given women some helpful advice on how to avoid domestic violence: Clean your house. Take care of the babies. Make home-cooked meals. I’m sorry, did I say helpful? I meant awful. Here’s a real helpful tip on stopping domestic violence: Don’t beat your spouses or significant others.
  • Amazon no longer lets authors review books in the same genre as the one they write due to a possible “conflict of interest.” Per The Telegraph, many of the authors who have had their reviews deleted since the rule change are a bit unhappy.

Labyrinth door knocker earrings, by Deviantartist buzhandmade. (via Neatorama)

  • A TorrentFreak study has found that employees at major movie studios often use their work computers to illegally download other studios’ movies. Well, naturally. You don’t want to pay for your competition’s wares! (via The Daily Dot)
  • The cast of Wes Anderson‘s The Grand Budapest Hotel will include… deep breath… Ralph Fiennes, Tilda Swinton, Jeff Goldblum, Willem Dafoe, F. Murray Abraham, Jude Law, Adrien Brody, Edward Norton, Harvey Keitel, Jason Schwartzman, Bill Murray, Saoirse Ronan, Mathieu Amalric, and maybe Owen Wilson. That cast list is so beautiful I think I might cry. (via: MTV)

Marvel got into the holiday spirit with their new Iron Man 3 promo pic. (via Collider)

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