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Things We Saw Today: Betty Gilpin Talks the “Seesaw of Death” That Is Acting

In a wonderful guest column at The Hollywood Reporter titled “Why Acting Is ‘A Seesaw of Death'”, Emmy-nominated GLOW star Betty Gilpin offers hilarious and painful insight on the ups and downs of acting. Choice quotes:

“Being an actor feels like your ego is on a violent pendulum swing between a field of cashmere and a casual tub of knives. Depending on how the industry is treating you that hour, you either feel like a Mariah Carey sultan or a near-dead irrelevant possum, flashing people for change on the 405.”

“If you are working, it can be easy to start to confuse the concept 
of being a replaceable flesh puppet with being a member of the royal family.”

“When I or 
an actor friend is too mired in Mariah-sultan-ville or self-loathing-possum-land, a stable friend must gently lead us back into reality, reminding us of things like Christmas with family and nuclear weapons.”

  • A number of Talking Dead staffers have left in response to Chris Hardwick’s return. (via SYFY)
  • In reviewing the new Paul Walker documentary, Jalopnik writer Kristen Lee writes about how it talks around Walker’s relationships with underage girls.

Here’s Sharp Objects director Jean-Marc Vallee and creator Marti Noxon talking about Wind Gap’s holiday, Calhoun Day.

  • If you happened to buy a foraging cooking book that recommended you eat raw mushrooms and elderberries, uh, think about returning it. (via Buzzfeed)
  • Betsy DeVos is scrapping more regulations WHAT ELSE IS NEW. (via NY Times)
  • Bob’s Burgers movie is in the works! (via CBR)

Full Frontal made a Space Force anthem!

That’s it for what we saw today, what did you see?

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