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Things We Saw Today: LEGO Batman Extended Movie Trailer Is a Friendly Reminder That This Movie Will Be Awesome

Did you know that the original title of this post was going to be “Things We Saw Today: Nothing?” Well, that was until this neat extended trailer for the LEGO Batman movie popped up in our feed and now, to borrow lyrics from the first movie’s official song, everything is awesome. While previous teasers provided glimpses of references to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Robin opting for tights over pants, this longer cut gives us a look at other characters not named Joker and Riddler like Catwoman and Condiment King. This sort of frivolous fun is what we need right now. So why isn’t it coming out until next year?! (via Uproxx)

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  • Speaking of movie trailers, the Fast and Furious community is up in arms over a specific detail in this new teaser for The Fate of the Furious. It looks like Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel), a man known for fighting for his family, is turning his back on that ideology. (via Polygon)
  • A documentary based on Muhammad Ali is headed your way thanks to a collaboration from Ali’s family, Training Day and The Magnificent Seven director Antoine Fuqua, and LeBron James. This should be neat. (via The Hollywood Reporter)
  • Remember that movie based on Tonya Harding called I, Tonya? Well they just cast Margot Robbie as the titular character.  (via Deadline)
  • Quantum gravity research is a thing and could lead to a better understanding of the nature of time. (via Wired)
  • What’s that? Oh just Hugh Jackman volunteering for a paycut so that Logan could be be rated R. In other news, women have been involuntarily taking pay cuts because… sexism. Must be nice to have a choice in the matter.

That’s it on our end! What did you all see?

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