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[UPDATED] Things We Saw Today: Brian Michael Bendis Comic Scarlet May Be Coming to Cinemax


If you’ve been reading Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev’s amazing, if not always on-time, comic Scarlet, you already knew something was up. After all, in the most recent issue’s letter column, Bendis couldn’t contain himself and made a not-too-veiled reference to the fact that his revolutionary heroine would be kinda-sorta-maybe appearing on TV sort of, but he couldn’t talk about it. Well, he let the cat further out of the bag at the ATX Television Festival in Austin, saying that the title is currently in early development talks at HBO. [UPDATED]: It’s been confirmed that the project is in indeed in development, but at HBO’s sibling network Cinemax per an update from Deadline.

  • Continuing along in the world of comics, comics artist Buzz is calling for an #OccupyArtistAlley movement to shut down those who would sell prints of other artists’ work at conventions. Among other things, Buzz is calling for the following: “To Show organizers, please do not sell table space to print vendors disguised as artists. They are robbing you of actual artists appearing at your shows, they are also bamboozling you and not paying for a vendor’s booth. IF THEY ARE NOT THE PERSON WHO CREATED THE IMAGES BEING SOLD,THEY DO NOT BELONG IN ARTIST ALLEY.” (via The Beat)
  • CBS is developing a limited series about the life of Patty Hearst written by the writer of Grease Live! Mmmkay? (via Deadline Hollywood)
  • Mattel is putting out this collectible Wonder Woman figure in packaging made to look like her invisible plane as an SDCC exclusive this year. But…isn’t it just a repainted 2010 figure in dumb plastic packaging? Is that what’s passing for an exclusive these days? (via Comic Book Resources)

I stumbled across this video today (yes, it’s from 2013. Shut up.), and it filled me with so much glee I had to share it with you. “Bacon Pancakes” from Adventure Time as a complete song! Kind of a perfect way to prepare for Sunday Brunch, don’t’cha think?

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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