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Things We Saw Today: Sebastian Stan Said Civil War Left Him Speechless and “In Pain”

According to this video shared with Collider, when Sebastian Stan watched a screening of Captain America: Civil War, he was left “speechless” and “in pain.” To be specific: that’s back pain from being on the edge of his seat the whole time. How stoked are you to watch Civil War now? (via CBR)

  • Noted Twitch streamer Rudeism is trying to hit level 100 on World of Warcraft using only his legs. He’s using a Dance Dance Revolution dance pad to control his character in an exhausting journey through Azeroth and beyond. Best of luck to you (and your poor ankles). (via Polygon)
  • A Chinese artist called “nickii25” recently posted some amazing genderbent Sailor Moon fanart. It’s really incredible, and worth checking out! (via Nerd Approved)

Stephen Colbert’s had quite the week on Late Show, hasn’t he? First he got to make out with Dame Helen Mirren, Sally Field, and Jeff Daniels, and now he’s just caught Bill Murray napping in his studio audience. This man just seems to attract amazing talent, doesn’t he? (via Vulture)

  • SXSW attendees have a chance to check out a very TRON-like musical interface called the Audience Reactive Composition. It’s an art installation that involves–you guessed it–the audience playing with some very unique sleek-looking table pieces that look like they were pulled right out of TRON: Legacy. Here’s your chance to pretend to be Daft Punk, I guess. (via The Verge)
  • Speaking of music: for Record Store Day (Saturday, April 16th!), the Requiem for a Dream soundtrack is re-releasing on vinyl for you audiophiles. That means you get to listen to “Lux Aeterna” on your sweet home turntable setup. Enjoy. (via Nerdist)

Oh, hey! Friendly reminder: don’t forget to change your clocks tonight. Daylight Savings Time is coming, and we’re about to lose a hour. Where does the hour go? I have no idea. Maybe there’s a planet somewhere just swimming in hours, full of people with all the time in the universe to do whatever they want. I want to go to there.

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