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Things We Saw Today: Daleks Invade the Quidditch World Cup Because We’re All Nerds

Here’s your new headcanon: Barty Crouch Jr. was just an evil tenth Doctor who forgot he was the Doctor for a while because pocket watch magic or something. Sing it with me: Viktor I love you, Viktor I do… when we’re apart, my heart beats only for youuuEXTERMINATE. EXTERMINATE. (via Laughing Squid)

  • Speaking of interstellar disappointment (ouch), if you were passing around that news that David Bowie had a constellation named after him, you should probably stop. According to the International Astronomical Union (apparently the folks in charge of this), they never got a filing or anything about it. What’s more, many of the stars mentioned in the constellation are already in use by other constellations. Boo. (via
  • And on Bowie: you might remember he had a role in Christopher Nolan’s The Prestige, playing other otherworldly genius Nikola Tesla. You should check out Nolan’s remembrance of Bowie, as it’s really touching and really sheds some fascinating light into Bowie’s film career. (via Geek Tyrant)

Listen. I know I talk a lot about precious cinnamon buns and everything. I worry I’m diluting the term, really. I’ll do my best to not abuse it. But… I really mean cinnamon buns when I’m talking about these new Oreos that the fine folks at BuzzFeed got to try. Believe me, I’m jealous.

  • Speaking of a pack of cinnamon buns (shit, already, I know, I’m sorry), apparently the Star Wars: Rogue One script needed a bit of saving. They went ahead and brought in Christopher McQuarrie, the mind behind Mission Impossible 5Edge of Tomorrow, and The Usual Suspects. Here’s hoping everything’s okay because I don’t think my heart can take a disappointing movie based on Rogue Squadron. It just can’t. (via Collider)
  • And finally, the folks over at are launching a really neat Smash Bros.-based campaign. Called “We Love Smash,” they’re seeking submissions from people who want to share either art, video, or prose about their love for Smash. Check it out when you get a chance, and submit!

Plenty of stuff to see, folks, plenty of stuff. How’s your day going? Well, I hope? Awesome.

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