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The Internet Reminds Us There Are LOTS of Things You Still Shouldn’t Do, Even If You’re Vaccinated

Don't trap a town in New Jersey in a sitcom reality just to help you cope.

Scarlet Witch in WandaVision with tweet that reads: "Being vaccinated does NOT mean you can accidentally trap an entire town in New Jersey in a sitcom reality just to bring back your dead boyfriend and play house."

Everyone is making sure we know what we are and are not allowed to do now that we have the COVID-19 vaccine—meaning we’re all a bunch of nerds making jokes about all things pop culture and what you still “shouldn’t” do, even if you’re vaccinated.

Sure, the CDC has its own recommendations that we should all keep in mind as we try to put an end to the pandemic, but the truth is there are many things that you shouldn’t do just because you’ve been vaccinated, whether it be mimicking the likes of a show like WandaVision or the Mamma Mia universe or even novels we all read as kids. Luckily, we have the internet to explain that, just because you’re vaccinated, doesn’t mean you can run out and do these things—like suddenly become Jay Gatsby.

Look, being vaccinated means that we might just all run out and suddenly build our own armor and start fighting off bad guys from our Malibu beach home only to eventually become one of the main Avengers. But that’s just because we’ve been trapped inside for the last year, and it’s helpful to think twice before just going of and doing it because it seems like a good idea.

So just because you’re vaccinated does not mean you get to live out your Mamma Mia dream, sorry to say.

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