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ThingamaBob Feeds Our Love Of Crazy Inventions With This Equally Crazy Trailer [Video]

If there's one thing we love, it's Rube Goldberg machines.

If ThingamaBob, the upcoming H2 show in which artist and inventor Bob Partington teaches us about the history of different objects while simultaneously fusing them into ridiculous Rube Goldberg-style inventions, is as cool as this promo trailer makes it out to be, then it’s probably going to be one of our favorite shows.

Partington isn’t alone in this endeavor, of course. He’s being backed by 1stAveMachine, an ad agency that produces  “video, digital and experimental content for TV, print, web and mobile.” Yes, that sounds pretty boring and cheesy, but they’re actually responsible for a lot of cool Internet things. With their funding, for example, Partington put together the part of that cool Google chrome ad comparing the browser’s speed to a potato gun. So clearly they know how to step aside and let Bob do his awesome inventing thing, even if it involves dynamite. No, especially if it involves dynamite, we’re guessing. Blowing stuff up is great.

On a side note, this is going to gnaw at me if I don’t bring it up — doesn’t Bob kind of look like a cross between Michael S. Hall and Mike Birbiglia? C’mon, tell me it’s not just me. Someone else must see this.

ThingamaBob premiers on the H2 network on January 18th.

(via 1stAveMachine on Vimeo)

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