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These Toxic Manchildren Need To Stop Coming After Greta Thunberg. It Never Goes Well for Them.

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Andrew Tate really messed around and found out. For whatever reason, Tate (a Twitter Blue subscriber) decided to log onto Twitter and share that he has many cars, all of them with large amounts of emissions. In this weird proclamation, he tagged environmental activist and real-life teenager Greta Thunberg in what I’m assuming is Tate’s idea of a “dunk.” Why? Because Thunberg wants to keep the planet alive, and Tate and his ego are trying to kill it and he thinks that’s “manly” or something?

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It was weird to begin with, mainly in that Tate decided to fight a teenager on Twitter, but also his entire audience is just made up of teenage boys who think that Tate knows what he’s talking about, so it isn’t that surprising that he thinks this is a “cool” thing to do. And he found out what happens when you mess with a highly intelligent and quick teenager. You get taken down.

Thunberg quote-tweeted Tate with her information (because he asked for her email so he could list all his cars to her like a weirdo), and she gave it to him—reading “[email protected],” and that didn’t seem to go over well with the Tate enthusiasts. The rest of us loved it, though.

Don’t worry, Tate did see it and wrote back, “How dare you?!” to Thunberg as if he was not the one who started this.

Leave her alone! She’s literally a teenager!

Like … not only do I know that teens can be vicious in their comebacks, but I’m also an adult who recognizes that they are children and that you (Andrew Tate), a grown man, do not need to fight them because you somehow perceive them as less than you. This is just Tate’s constant need to be the center of something, and picking a fight with Greta Thunberg seemed like a smart move.

Shows you his level of intelligence that he thought fighting a 19-year-old was a smart move, but it is hilarious that she a) doesn’t care about his cars and b) fired back at him to the point where he’s so angry she dared mock him when he started it. Obviously his supporters are taking this as an affront to their idol, but it is just a show of the kind of man that Tate is.

It’d be great if these manchildren would stop trying to create Twitter beef with literal teens, but that would require them to have enough brain cells to recognize why it’s gross to do this in the first place. Since Tate got owned by Thunberg and refuses to realize that he … is a joke, here is what I’ll say: You were a joke before and you’re a joke again for fighting with a 19-year-old on Twitter just because she is trying to help the planet. Get a life.

It’s great when Thunberg claps back at these dudes, but it’d also be great if they stopped attacking her because they see her as some weird threat to their masculinity. You’re not a man; you’re a child fighting on the internet.

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