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‘The Walking Dead’ Showrunner Is Launching a TV Spider-Verse With a Fan-Favorite Character

It’s time to swing into the Spider-Verse, TV style. Cindy Moon, also known as Silk, is getting her own show, and while that isn’t new Information, we do now have a showrunner, and it is a pretty big deal! The Walking Dead’s Angela Kang is set to lead the charge for Silk: Spider Society as it kicks off a series of Sony Marvel television shows exploring, primarily, the Spider-family.

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The series marks the first in the line of Sony’s Marvel roster, which consists of 900 characters, but it’s also an exciting announcement given the success of The Spider-Verse franchise. The series will be executive produced by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, the two who are partially responsible for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and its sequels.

Getting to meet Cindy Moon, though, is a delight. That’s part of my excitement about this expansion into the television world as a whole—the chance to meet more characters I love in their own stories. Kang shared her excitement for the series in a statement.

“I’m beyond thrilled to be joining the Amazon Studios family for this next chapter of my career,” Kang said, according to The Hollywood Reporter. “I look forward to working with the executive team on diverse, character-forward, watercooler shows for a global audience and am so excited to dive in to my first challenge — bringing Korean-American superhero Silk to life on screen.”

For Lord and Miller, THR reports that they’re excited to work with Angela Kang and her vision: “Angela is a pro’s pro whose perspective and creativity we greatly respect and admire. She’s also a hell of a lot of fun. She loves these characters and we feel really lucky for the chance to work with her to bring Cindy Moon’s story to the world.”

Bring on the Spider-babes

Look, I have had a lot of Spider-Man in my life in media, but nearly all of it was Peter Parker. I’m not complaining because I do love him very much, but what is so exciting about this TV era is that we’re getting characters who have never had their chance outside of their comic stories.

It started with Into the Spider-Verse, and now it is continuing with things like Across the Spider-Verse and Silk: Spider Society. Getting to see Cindy Moon in her own show? That’s actually amazing because when did I ever think we’d see Silk in something? Having Spider-Punk show up in Across the Spider-Verse? Perfection.

My point is, it’s a great time to be a Spider-Fam fan, and I can’t wait to see what Angela Kang does with Silk: Spider Society.

(via The Hollywood Reporter, featured image: Marvel Entertainment)

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