The Walking Dead Recap: “Always Accountable”

Seriously, we need to get Abraham writing greeting cards.
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This season of The Walking Dead has been especially timey-wimey, with the timeline jumping back and forth so much that it’s tough to say what “present day” in the Walking Dead actually is. Regardless, we finally got some serious screen time with Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham, three people we haven’t gotten a great deal of time with this season.

Daryl is separated from Sasha and Abraham after a spontaneous attack. While my first instinct was to call the attackers Wolves, they seem far too in control and too calculated for the crazy, unrestrained brutality of the Wolves. They’re also attacking in cars with guns, when Wolves–at least the ones we’ve met–attack on foot without guns. I have a guess on who the attackers are, but more on that later.

As Daryl is trying to hide from his attackers, a group of three road-weary travelers take Daryl captive and steal his crossbow. Right off the bat, it seems like these three think Daryl is someone he isn’t, repeatedly saying Daryl is “one of them”, defending the bag they’re carrying by saying, “we earn what we took.” It’s obvious that these guys have clearly escaped from someone, but again, their lucid nature and the lack of a grotesque W carved into their forehead makes me think they aren’t Wolves.

While Daryl was busy being a prisoner, Abraham and Sasha held up in the office of Sunrise Auto Insurance to wait for Daryl and plan their next move if he never showed up. I’ll be honest, things got a bit weird between those two. Sasha spent a great deal of the episode trying to figure out where exactly Abraham’s head was. Both Sasha and Abraham have really struggled with living life in this new world, but Sasha seems to have some wisdom and peace that Abraham is notably lacking. While Abraham is busy being reckless, jumping from moving cars, nearly shooting a lone walker, and yelling in the faces of walkers, Sasha tries to figure out what exactly Abraham’s motivation is for being so reckless. Sasha and Abraham have big conversations on the point of life, especially in light of their losses, Abraham losing his family and his world-saving mission, and Sasha losing her brother and her boyfriend. Their entire interaction here seems bizarre, Sasha trying to keep Abraham lucid and safe, and Abraham essentially going a bit stir crazy. Of course, it all culminates with Abraham coming on to Sasha because he just knows she’s into him. That gross pick up line aside, it’s unclear if he was right about Sasha’s feelings for him. It’s also unclear if, when she said he had things to get in order back home, if it was in reference to Rosita. We’ll have to see how that random pairing plays out.

I’ll be honest. I’m not sure how I feel about Sasha and Abraham. I loved Sasha with Bob because his attitude about life was so much more positive, but I can’t help but think Sasha and Abraham would end up being a destructive couple. When something bad happens, they both fall hard. They both have a tendency to process pain and loss by being a bit reckless and mildly self-destructive. I can’t think a relationship made of two people like that can be a good thing, but you never know. But we’ll have to see what happens in the episodes to come.

Daryl, meanwhile follows his three captors through the woods for a bit until he’s able to snatch their duffle bag and escape. When he gets far enough away, he pulls his crossbow from the bag and sees that it has a cooler filled with insulin in it. Because Daryl is simply too sweet, he goes back to return the cooler. As he’s on his way back, he sees that the group his three former captors escaped from. It’s unclear if they’re connected with the attackers from the beginning, but it’s very evident that they’re bad news. With talks of creepy things like kneeling and “the gospel”, they seem like pretty formidable foes. They don’t, however, seem to be Wolves. My guess is the Saviors (link contains spoilers), but we’ll have to wait to see exactly who they are.

Ultimately, Daryl is able to convince his captors that he isn’t a part of the creepy bad guys’ group and helps his former captors escape. They then head out to search for a fourth group member they were separated from. When they find out that their fourth member was clearly killed, and Tina, the girl who needed the insulin, is killed by walkers, Daryl invites the remaining two group members to come back with him to Alexandria. However, Daryl’s plans feel a bit too murky for the two, and they end up not only refusing to come back to Alexandria, but they also take his crossbow and his motorcycle. As they’re leaving, they tell Daryl they’re sorry, and he tells them that they will be sorry. Which, after taking the two things most iconic to Daryl, I’m pretty sure they’re going to be suuuper sorry. Of course something as trivial as losing their weapon and transportation can’t keep a guy like Daryl down. He ultimately finds a truck and picks up Abraham and Sasha at the insurance office.

As they’re driving down the road, Abraham looks at the empty road behind them and seems to have a bit of a more positive outlook on life. I mean, he got to yell at a walker, he found a box of cigars and a rocket launcher, and he told Sasha how he feels. It looks as though he’s found some sort of a new purpose, which is nice.

Of course the big news in this episode comes in the last few seconds. As they’re driving away, Daryl tries to get anyone from Alexandria on the walkie-talkie, and a faint, distorted call for help comes through the walkie.

And of course the episode ends, without us learning who’s on the other end. Since we didn’t hear anything beyond that one cry for help, it’s really tough to tell who it is. Of course, I’m absolutely certain it was Glenn’s voice, but it’s entirely possible that it’s someone else entirely. We’re not totally sure of the timeline, so I suppose it could be Rick calling for help from the RV since we never saw how he was able to get free from the herd. Still, given the fact that we’ve not officially seen Glenn dead, and with the recent casting of Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan (link contains spoilers), I’m almost certain that Glenn is alive and the voice on the other end of the walkie. Of course, judging by the preview for next week’s episode, I think we won’t get any further talk of Glenn until the mid-season finale at the earliest. Let’s hope they don’t make us wait until 2016 to learn his fate.

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