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Lesbians? Fossils? Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan? The Trailer for Ammonite Has It All!

And I want it now!

We’ve been obsessed with the concept of Ammonite as soon as I heard about it: Kate Winslet returning to her Heavenly Creatures roots for a period romance with Saoirse Ronan? With fossils? I was ready to buy my ticket immediately. But the first, gorgeous trailer for the film has me even more excited. Does it look like Portrait of Lady on Fire with fossils? Yes. But that also makes me even more excited.

Ammonite takes its name from a specific type of fossil, and I love that this trailer is hinting at digging up fossils by the sea as some sort of metaphor for unearthing desire and passion. These women are the literal definition of tight-laced (something else we see in the trailer) and I love just the hints we see of them opening up and loving one another.

Ammonite comes from director Frances Lee, and Neon, the company that brought us Parasite and, yes, Portrait of a Lady on Fire. I’ll admit that I’m not familiar with Lee’s other work, and it will be interesting to see how a male director handles this very female story and what he’ll bring to it.

What we already know is that the cast is fantastic. Kate Winslet is in a really interesting phase in her already legendary career and I can’t wait to see her chemistry with Ronan, who is one of the up and coming actresses of the moment. Am I particularly excited to see two talented actresses I love kiss? Yes indeed. Do I also love that that Winslet, now 45, is part of that couple? Hell yeah.

There is however one thing that the trailer for Ammonite is lacking, and that’s a release date. Theoretically, the movie will begin a limited release on November 13th, and given that movies are supposed to start coming back into theaters this weekend (yes really!) maybe that will actually happen, but well, I’m still not terribly optimistic that art house cinemas will be thriving again by November, but then again, who knows!

What did you think of the Ammonite trailer?

(image: Neon films)

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