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The Ten Unlikeliest MMORPGs

At 12:00 AM or thenabouts, Star Trek Online went live, thus fusing two of the greatest geeky obsessions: Star Trek and MMORPGs.  It’s too early to pass judgment on the game, what with the formation of the community being an important part of the MMO experience. (Testers and developers matter, but we’re talking rank-and-file here.) But preliminary reactions seem positive, with an average user score of 7.8 on

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Given the peanut butter-meets-chocolate convergence between Star Trek and MMOs, it’s surprising that STO took as long to beam down as it did. In this latest Power Grid, we take a look at some of the unlikeliest MMORPGs that either exist or are slated to be released later this year.

Hello Kitty Online? Uru Live? An MMO based on beloved but not-that-frequently remembered 2004 Pixar movie Cars? And there’s still not a Harry Potter MMO somehow…

The Ten Unlikeliest MMORPGs

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