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The “Straight Pride” Parade Was Just as Stupid as We Expected

There's no such thing as an oppressed majority.

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Crowds took to the streets in Boston yesterday to … protest the oppression of straight people? Or maybe it was to celebrate finally having the right to be married after the entirety of human history of no one telling them they couldn’t? Wait, maybe it was a big gathering of people to commiserate on how awful it is that they don’t get fired or bullied or killed because of their sexuality? Actually it was just a bunch of bigots staging a racist, homophobic Donald Trump rally under a different banner, and thankfully, the city of Boston and the internet were having none of the nonsense.

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When the organization calling itself, I kid you not, “Super Happy Fun America” announced in June that they would be staging a “straight pride” as a protest of Boston’s LGBTQ pride, they were rightly met with scorn and mockery from most civilized people, including Captain America himself. The organizers were undaunted, sadly, and gathered yesterday in their MAGA hats with “Build the Wall” and “It’s Great to be Straight” signs. There was even a dinosaur, maybe because their ideals are so outdated?

Prior to the event, it was revealed that the organizers have ties to white supremacist organizations. So, it surprised no one that the “parade” looked more like a white supremacist rally than a celebration of … anything. But the city of Boston showed up in counter protest numbers that exceeded the straight pride crowds, according to CTV. The parade boasted a serious police presence, intended to keep the peace, but even so, according to police sources speaking to CNN, there were 34 arrests and four officers injured. Additionally, nine people were transported to hospitals.

Of course, the twitterverse had a lot to say about it, including some hilarious info about little-known straight history from Patton Oswalt and serious shade from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

As fun as it is to mock these losers, it’s still sad and upsetting that they felt bold enough to come out with this kind of hateful celebration at all. It’s a great consolation that the good people outnumbered the bad, and it keeps us hopeful that we won’t see a proliferation of “straight pride” going forward. The mayor of Boston himself had the best last word on the subject.

In the meantime, we’ll be over here celebrating real diversity, truly proud of that.

(via CNN)

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