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The Sexual Tension Between This New Meme and This Article

Age of Ultron Natasha and Hulk with "sexual tension" meme.

Sometimes, the sexual tension between something or someone and something else is undeniable. You see it, and you must call it out, and so now, Twitter has turned that into a meme, obviously. Sometimes I wonder how memes begin, and then I watch one unfold before my eyes and it just kind of makes sense.

Now, we’re all just sitting around thinking of the sexual tension between a knee and the groin of a Trump supporter who is telling women what to do with their bodies. It’s simple, effective, and gets your point across without having to say too much.

So let’s look at some of the best ones from Twitter!

Did you see any great ones out there? Ones that we missed? Share your favorite sexual tension jokes in the comments below because, let’s be honest, the sexual tension between everyone and the deep-seated need for a good laugh right now? *Chef’s kiss.*

(image: Marvel Entertainment, our edits)

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