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No, Seriously: YouTuber Gifted a Copy of Undertale to the Pope

MatPat, a popular YouTuber, was offered the chance to meet the Pope earlier this year. As part of his meeting the Pope, he was told that it’s usually customary to offer him a gift, something that represents either what you do or what you wish to share with someone who many, many people consider to be the holiest man in the world. So what does MatPat bring in offering? Undertale.

Now, if it wasn’t clear earlier, I’m actually talking about the Pope, as in Pope Francis. MatPat visited him as part of a summit on how the internet brings people together. MatPat being a popular YouTuber, it’s kind of easy to see why he was encouraged to join and speak about internet communities, seeing as how he’s managed to attract and build a fanbase of his own.

Explaining why he gave Pope Francis Undertale, MatPat said, “This year is his self-proclaimed year of mercy for the Catholic church, a period celebrating forgiveness and compassion when one could otherwise choose to harm a person. And what’s the recurring theme throughout Undertale? Mercy.” His logic is indeed quite sound. Mercy and non-violence play a pretty significant role in Undertale,often in unique ways that most video games don’t even begin to uncover.

I’ve got my own doubts about whether the Pope will actually play the game or not. But it’s fun to imagine that somewhere in the Vatican is a copy of Undertale, which is likely the closest the Catholic church may ever be to a fandom that doesn’t revolve around Jesus Christ.

(via Kotaku)

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