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No, Seriously: YouTuber Gifted a Copy of Undertale to the Pope

MatPat, a popular YouTuber, was offered the chance to meet the Pope earlier this year. So what does MatPat bring in offering? Undertale.

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Vatican Says Pope’s Meeting with Kim Davis “Should Not Be Considered a Form of Support of Her Position”

Earlier this week we were both dismayed and unsurprised to read that the Vatican had confirmed Pope Francis' meeting with marriage equality opponent Kim Davis.

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You Can Get Time Off From Purgatory by Following the Pope on Twitter

That's all well and good, but let's be real -- what I need is something that can get me upgraded to purgatory in the first place.

Are you hoping to go to Heaven, but pretty sure you won't get in, like, right away? I know that feel, bro. If that's the case -- and if you're Catholic -- we've got good news, because you can now get some time knocked off your stay in purgatory by following the events of the Church's upcoming World Youth Day on Twitter. Thanks to the magic of plenary indulgences, participating in the rites and festivities of the confusingly named week-long festival that kicks off next Monday in Brazil over social media can get purgatory-bound Catholics into heaven just a little faster.

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Man Sent To Jail For Abusive, Offensive Facebook Posts

Stephen Birrell, a 28-year-old from Glasgow, is being jailed for 8 months largely as a result of some offensive Facebook comments. Now, Birrell was not an otherwise upstanding citizen. When he posted the abusive comments, he'd just been released from a completely separate 12-month sentence. In addition, he's been banned from attending any regulation soccer matches for 5 years. Dude probably has some issues with keeping his mouth shut. The postings in question directed hate at fans of the Celtic Football Club as well as Catholics but, surprisingly enough, most of the postings contained neither profanity nor threats of violence. In fact, we can post several of them here. A few of the comments, courtesy of BBC News:

"Hope they [Celtic fans] all die. Simple. Catholic scumbags ha ha." "Proud to hate Fenian tattie farmers. Simple ha ha." "They're all ploughing the fields the dirty scumbags."
According to the BBC, he also made some off-color comments about the Pope. Those weren't repeated.

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