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The Owl House Season 3 Won’t Be Extended and Fans (Including Me) Are Sad

Give us season 4, 5, and 6.

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Dana Terrace, the creator of Disney’s The Owl House, let fans of the series know that season 3 can’t be extended. And honestly, it’s a bummer for a show that means so much to Latinx and LGBTQ viewers who have bonded with Luz and the rest of the gang. Sure, we’re still in season 2, but it’s a bummer to know that instead of having a full season 3 like this show deserves, we’re getting three 44-minute specials, according to Terrace and Deadline.

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Terrace broke the news to fans while on a Twitch live stream with lord_spew. In the stream, she also said that tweeting, making things trend, and showing support for the show really matters when it comes to giving this show the push it needs to get Disney to give us more. And she invites fans to keep supporting the show because that can lead to “spin-offs, shorts, comics.” And we want all that stuff—we truly do—but a full season 3 and then season 4, 5, and 6 would be really nice, too.

And why shouldn’t this show have more than 2 full seasons and 3 specials? Other shows on the network have had more seasons, and they haven’t had the kind of impact this show has had on its viewers. The Owl House normalizes Latinx kids, shows the power of found family, and that queer characters can be the lead of their own story. And cutting this show short rubs fans the wrong way because in a way Disney is saying that our shared experience isn’t worthy of more.

The Owl House is worth all the seasons and then some for how it makes us feel as fans, creators, and viewers. Plus this show is only in season 2 and has the kind of fanbase that Disney could only dream about. How about you make us happy by giving us more representation, more Luz Noceda, and more of the gang that we’ve come to know and love? And yes, that includes Hootie. I’ll take it all if it means more of this world, and I’m not the only one that feels this way.

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