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The Oscars Might Be 95 Years Old, But They Still Laugh At The Word ‘Dicks’

One of the most prestigious awards in the world, the Academy Awards, just announced the nominees for all of its categories, paying honor to some of the most talented creatives in film. It’s a classy few minutes where the best and brightest in the industry get their time to shine—yet one nominee in particular gathered a few chuckles.

When announcing the nominees for ‘Animated Short Film’, British actor Riz Ahmed had to pause to allow the room full of classy Oscars attendees to giggle at the word ‘dicks’. My Year Of Dicks, directed by Sara Gunnarsdóttir, created and written by Pamela Ribon, is an adaptation of Ribon’s comedic memoir, Notes to Boys: And Other Things I Shouldn’t Share in Public. It’s undoubtedly an outstanding creation—but hearing Ahmed say ‘dicks’ in such a serious tone has kicked Twitter into overdrive.

Just hear it for yourself here.

Naturally, this has shot My Year Of Dicks to instant popularity, with many clamoring for it to win in its category—largely because it will be even funnier for someone else to have to say it to the world again when it wins.

Allison Williams, standing next to Ahmed, played off the room’s laughter with a quick “no comment” and a chuckle, before swiftly moving onto the next category.

Twitter, however, did not move on.

Ultimately though, My Year Of Dicks is a stunning short film and hopefully the giggling about its name will only encourage more people to watch it. Lesson learned for us all: you can get to the top of your field and be associated with an institution as lofty as the Oscars—but the words ‘dicks’ will not stop being funny.

(featured image: The Academy Awards)

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