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The Omicron Memes Are Here Because We Have to Just Cry-Laugh, Right?


John Lennon and Paul McCartney writing a Omicron meme

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At this point in the pandemic, it is easier to just laugh than cry. Maybe because we don’t want to cry over new variants anymore and we’re masking our fear in memes. At least that is what seems to be happening with the new Omicron  COVID-19 variant. Like Delta before it, many have flocked to Twitter to share their best jokes about Omicron and the darkness of the timeline before us.

We don’t know the important facts about Omicron yet. Research is still being done into how easily it spreads and the severity of the illness it causes in comparison to known strains, and yet is still a cause for concern in the United States now that we have at least two confirmed cases.

And how are we coping through this latest variant conversation? We’re making memes.

At least we have memes

Throughout this pandemic, we’ve had memes to get us through—mainly because that’s the only thing we could do, and making jokes seemed to be better than just sitting around and worrying. With Omicron, the memes are centered more around the fact that so many of us were planning on being able to go home for the holidays or celebrate the new year, and now plans might be right back up in the air because of the new variant.

Here’s the thing: We have to laugh, right? Otherwise we’d be consumed yet again by fear of the unknown in regards to COVID-19. So these memes serve as our coping mechanism. Just make a joke and then try to not think about the fact that we’re yet again in this predicament because of vaccine hoarding and also because of people refusing to get the vaccine here in the States.

So, let’s enjoy some memes and just try to make it through this endless loop.

Get vaccinated, get boosted, wear your masks, and take care of each other because that’s all we can do right now.

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