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I've listened to "Easy On Me" no less than 20 times already.

Adele slaying it on stage

It has been nearly six years since we got Adele’s 25. Now, a day before the sixth anniversary, we’re getting the long-awaited next album, and just in time for all of us to lock ourselves away and cry through the holiday season to. Just as god (Adele) intended.

Finally, the time has come, and we have a new Adele song to become the soundtrack to our sad baths or the background to us crying in the car. “Easy On Me” dropped last night, and while we all knew that 30 was going to be a heartbreaking album, our first glimpse of it is a cry out for empathy, and boy oh boy does it hit.

The song is a message about Adele’s relationship and the destruction of it, but begging for that empathy of someone just understanding where she’s coming from and how they got to where they are now. It’s honestly even more of a heartbreaking look at love and loss than we expected out of 30, and now I can’t wait until we get the rest of the album.

The video is an interesting transition for the singer. She became known for her black and white videos (she does have some in color, and “Hello” is in sepia tones), but there’s a very clear switch to technicolor towards the end of the video. It sends the message to me that Adele is understanding herself and coming out of the pain she feels from the destruction of her relationship. If that is what 30 is going to be, we’re certainly in for an emotional rollercoaster of an album.

Twitter reacted it does whenever we get new Adele content: with tears and screaming about “Easy On Me.”

We have a full new album from Adele called 30 coming out on November 19, so we can sit and cry to her once again. And isn’t that the way we’re supposed to embrace new Adele music? Just lost in our feelings and sobbing at will.

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