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The Mummy Trailer Accidentally Got Posted Without a Musical Score. Let the Memes Begin!


Somebody at the IMAX YouTube channel is in hot water this week, because they uploaded the wrong version of the trailer for The Mummy, and the results are hilarious. Most of the sound effects, and the musical score, is just… totally missing. Like, someone accidentally muted one of the audio channels before exporting the file, or something, and the results sound delightfully stupid.

We all know what the actual trailer for The Mummy looks like, because it came out a couple weeks ago, and we all saw it then. It’s grim action movie fare, featuring Tom Cruise looking very serious and Sofia Boutella playing essentially the same role that Cara Delevingne did in Suicide Squad. It was just a typical trailer with your typical action movie music: dramatic echo-y piano, super-loud bass stings, and so on.

But… without those musical stings? The trailer looks really bad. The IMAX YouTube channel has removed the video, but the internet never forgets. For the moment, it’s available in this Tumblr post and in this tweet, which hopefully won’t get taken down.

The internet has also come up with some fun memes as a result of the error. Here’s a Darth Vader-themed version:

And here’s one with “Guile’s Theme” from Street Fighter, since “Guile’s Theme” goes with everything.

Honestly, The Mummy‘s marketing team should just embrace this. A weird meme might be the best thing to have happened to this otherwise bland-looking project. No offense, The Mummy, but… you really could use some comic relief.

(via Twitter, image via screencap)

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