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The Met Gala Was for the Cats

Everybody really does want to be a cat.

Doja Cat at the Met Gala

Why talk about Karl Lagerfeld (inexplicably the theme of this year’s Met Gala), who famously sucked, when you can talk about his cat instead? Choupette was Lagerfeld’s cat from 2011 (when she was born) until the day he died in 2019, and she still has a very lavish lifestyle in Paris to this day. She became an icon along with Lagerfeld, so when the all-call came in for the Met Gala to honor Lagerfeld’s work as a designer, everyone came out with their own interpretation of what that means.

Like Doja Cat literally coming to the Met Gala … as a cat. And vaping on the stairs, which is arguably the most iconic thing I’ve seen her do yet. But the cats were all out to play in honor of Choupette, which—look, if you own a cat, you know this, but the minute everyone started dressing like cats, my own cat was suddenly obsessed with the Met Gala. I am going to pretend it was in honor of Pedro Pascal’s shorts, but I know it’s for Doja.

Using prosthetics to bring the look to life, she really was a cat reimagined in the best way.

Choupette is a tortie Birman cat. I don’t know what that means; I got my cat for free and he was previously a kitten from the streets, so to him, my tiny home is a lavish life like Choupette’s. But Lagerfeld’s love for his cat was what ended up being the most fascinating part of the Gala. Full offense to Lagerfeld, I was more interested in the cat-themed bags and outfits than people cosplaying as the German designer.

From Janelle Monáe’s bag to Doja Cat and … unfortunately, Jared Leto’s great look, it was a pretty fun night for the cat lovers.

Unfortunately, the worst person you know had a good one

Jared Leto as a cat at the Met Gala
(Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Karl Lagerfeld)

Leto’s look was a mystery, and for one brief moment, I was excited by this Aristocats-looking person on the stairs. Then Leto took the head off of his costume, and I was forced to remember that his nonsense is sometimes funny and hot, so I’ll give him this one. But it also led to a great series of pictures with Lizzo.

Lizzo was there in a black number with pearls draped around her, looking absolutely stunning. And then Leto hugged her as a cat and she was shocked and confused like the rest of us.

All the cat love did make me realize that my own tuxedo kitty WAS the most on theme of the night. So all hail the Met Gala king: Benjamin Wyatt the cat.

Overall, the love for cats was surprisingly fun! Yes, it’s because Lagerfeld had a cat he loved, but I’m frankly tired of the constant dog love train. I love dogs, I love cats, and I want them to have the equal amount of love in the world of entertainment. So, seeing so much love for cats in high fashion? Beautiful. And yes, I’d unfortunately also love to hug the Jared Leto cat just like Lizzo.

(featured image: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic)

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