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The “Me Voting in 2016 vs. Me Voting in 2018” Meme Is Taking Over Twitter

Rashida Jones starred as Ann Perkins in Parks and Recreation

Memes are our blood. We love to log onto the Internet, laugh at whatever is trending, and forget the world for a while. They often reflect the cultural zeitgeist. The problem with 2018 is that most of our memes relate back to the administration and cause us to laugh and then cry about how the world at large is a disaster.

The memes today, as we gear up for the midterms, are fire, and we can smile-sob our way to the voting booth with them in hand. To help get us in the spirit of the Midterm Elections, we’re comparing how we voted in 2016 to how we feel voting now, in 2018.

Some of these memes are almost … too real.

Leslie Knope is often a recognizable “mood,” but especially so with this tweet. Not only is she done with the bullsh*t going on in the world, but she just wears her pajamas, which reflects where we’re at right now as a nation.

Election day 2016 not only featured the worst day in many of our lives, but it also happened to be my 25th birthday. I awoke with hope that day. Going into this election, I have quite a different outlook, as though I have spent 70 years being sporadically put on ice by the bad guys. In my own true fashion, I will always relate to Bucky Barnes. Even when it comes to voting.

I’m including this one and I hate it and I’m upset by it but it is extremely accurate re: how we all feel so you must all suffer with me.

Jim Halpert has had it rough.

Many of the memes prey on the celebrities we’ve come to love, but there are also some hidden meanings behind the picture choices that really drive home how much we’re suddenly into the Midterm Elections.

Like always, there is a Chidi quote to encompass our feelings in both 2016 and 2018.

Because in 2018, we have to punch Nazis too.

Bruce Wayne struggles just like the rest of us.

Here’s Johnny … at the polls.

In defense of Rey, she’s fighting against her own Nazis regime but this is hella relatable.

And finally, Loki is a mood we all feel in our bones.

While fun, the message behind these memes are clear: we all need to vote no matter what. It is our civic duty and we have to make our voices heard. It’s what 2016 us would want us to do.

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