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Monday Cute: Please Meet The Mary Sue’s New Mascot


There are three things you need to know. One, his name is K-9. Two, he is a robot pup. Three, HE LIVES WITH US NOW FOREVER.

Hasbro sent us a “Joy For All” companion pet toy dog and when we liberated him from his box, it was, indeed, pretty joyful. Charline, Keisha, and I now have big plans to terrify Mediaite coworkers with our guard dog, let K-9 frolic amongst the X-Men figurines, and use him as a model in Instagram posts. K-9 is destined for Internet fame.

pjimage (14)

The dog is quite adorable, and it comes with a red bandana and dog dish, plus a collar, leash and treats (for a real dog, we think?). He’s actually part of a line of toys marketed not for kids, but for elder companionship, which is sweet and sad and oh no, now I’m freaking out even more about this thing.

Anyway, K-9 is battery operated and responds to being touched and to the sound of voices. It’s all very cute and very uncanny valley and in short, we love him. Expect to see more from our robotic mascot in the future.

(We hope this doesn’t end up like Westworld.)


(via Hasbro, images: Kaila Hale-Stern)

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