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The Mary Sue Is Joining GAMURS Group!

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Hello, Mary Suevians! We, The Mary Sue’s managing editors, are excited to announce that The Mary Sue is now a part of GAMURS Group, a rapidly growing online media company where our new sister sites will be the likes of Dot Esports, Gamepur, and more.

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The Mary Sue’s home has been Abrams Media since Susana Polo founded the site there in 2011, and while we’ve accomplished great things in our time together and built a fantastic team of writers and editors whose work makes all of this possible, we’ve reached a point where we’re ready to leave home and take the next big step on our journey. Likewise, GAMURS is looking to put its fan-driven entertainment media knowhow to good use in new arenas, and we’re partnering up to make those moves together.

What does this mean for The Mary Sue and, most importantly, you, our readers—the community that makes The Mary Sue so special?

First and foremost, the mission of The Mary Sue is the same as it has ever been: to provide an intersectional feminist, inclusive space and voice for fans of sci-fi, fantasy, movies, TV, comics, gaming, and more. That strong focus and the success we’ve had with it so far are what drew GAMURS to The Mary Sue in the first place, and their goal is to support us in that mission and further amplify that voice, giving us a bigger platform than ever before.

As GAMURS continues to grow and branches out beyond gaming, they believe that The Mary Sue represents the direction they’d like to go, and we find that incredibly encouraging for our future together. With that in mind, many of the changes in this transition are likely to be under-the-hood adjustments that are largely invisible from the outside, except in how they allow our editorial staff to more effectively do the things we’re already doing.

Since the beginning, a degree of creative and editorial freedom that you don’t often see among the larger players in digital media has made The Mary Sue’s voice the unique force that it is, and the team behind that voice—Vivian Kane, Princess Weekes, Rachel Leishman, Chelsea Steiner, Briana Lawrence, and Alyssa Shotwell—will continue doing what they do best as we move under GAMURS’ umbrella.

Over the coming months and years, our goal is to keep bringing you the same content you’ve come to know and (hopefully) love, but to bring you more of it, with more resources and reach than ever before.

As always, thank you for reading!

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