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The Mary Sue Is Hiring Freelance News Writers!

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The Mary Sue is searching for dedicated freelance writers to bolster our news coverage! We’re looking for journalists/bloggers who get our intersectional feminist perspective and have significant knowledge of, and passion for, progressive politics, as well as an interest in pop culture, online culture, fandom, weird internet memes, and more! You should especially be plugged into the 24/7 news cycle. Do you have fifteen notifications pop onto your phone from a variety of sources whenever a story breaks? We want to hear from you.

So, what are the job expectations? We require a minimum of 25 posts per month but are really looking for much more (50+ posts/month). Your primary focus will be covering breaking news in the political sphere, with the freedom to also cover stories related to entertainment and pop/geek/internet culture as a secondary (and potentially overlapping) focus. Your role will have an emphasis on quickly and informatively keeping our readers up to date on what’s going on in the world around them, whether it’s an important House vote, a Supreme Court decision, or the slow collapse of a social media network.

You’ll work with our senior news editor to cover news topics as assigned on a day-to-day basis, as well as pitch your own story ideas. We particularly want to hear from candidates who are comfortable with breaking news, writing incisive takes, working independently, and who have an instinctive barometer for what’s newsworthy. The ideal candidate will be able to find the aspects of any story that everyone will be (or should be!) discussing in the daily news cycle and drive the conversation forward with their unique analysis.

Our rates vary right along with the content, ranging from $15 to $65 depending on the length and type of story, with most posts fitting within the $25–$40 range and a few hundred words.

What are we looking for in a prospective freelance news writer?

  • Someone who’s proud to be called a feminist. All of our news & political coverage is written through this lens, so you should feel comfortable (enthusiastic, even!) offering analysis and commentary for a distinctly feminist audience.
  • We’re particularly looking for writers to focus on LGBTQ+ issues and issues of race, racism, and representation. If that’s your specialty, please tell us about it your cover letter, along with any other social issues you’re particularly invested in!
  • A knack for finding unique, insightful angles on news stories.
  • The ability to write quickly and accurately.
  • Someone eager to learn and incorporate feedback to build their writing skills.
  • A multitasker who can consume a large amount of information in a short time.
  • Previous professional journalism experience.

What do we want in your application on our job posting site?

  • A brief cover letter, particularly highlighting the areas of expertise mentioned above.
  • At least two links to samples of your writing.
  • Links to your personal website/portfolio/blog, podcasts/videos, and/or any public social media accounts you would like to share.


About us:

The Mary Sue has made a name for itself as a feminist, inclusive space for nerds and geeks of all types, reaching millions of readers every month with great content from having fun with the latest internet trends to incisive social commentary on pop culture and news. We have big plans for the months ahead and are looking to bring in talented writers and editors who can help us grow that established readership explosively, and we’re excited about the possibilities that growth will open up for The Mary Sue’s future.

GAMURS does not discriminate in any way. GAMURS encourages applications from minorities, all genders and races, and any qualified applicant.

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