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The Mary Sue’s Favorite Comments of the Week, Featuring An Excellent Analysis of the Butt Pose

Spot the pun in the title.


Hey, Geekosystem readers! What’s up? Now that Geeko has merged with The Mary Sue (ONE OF US, ONE OF US, ONE OF US), it’s high time to introduce a Friday feature whereby we highlight some of the funniest, most insightful, or just most pun-filled comments from the previous week. Buckle up, buttercup.

“He IS the Joker! mARK HAMill.” — Adrian totally blew Mark Hamill’s cover.

Jordan Ruttle response to WeLoveFine’s new shorts with “I can finally be a nevernude with style.” You saying Tobias isn’t stylish, Jordan?!

“I saw the headline, and I totally thought it meant ‘rides two unicycles AT ONCE,’ and I was like ‘DUDE, how would you even do that?’ And then I was like, ‘Oh, right. Bicycle.'”—Robert Vary gets deep in response to Mark Ruffalo riding two unicycles (not at once) on The Graham Norton Show.

ointb pun@spinningdust pwned me at Orange Is the New Black cat puns. I am ashamed.

Tomb Raider news is cool but the title is awful. Can things in movies and games do anything other than rise or fall? Zig-Zagging of the Tomb Raider, maybe? I’d buy that.”—Killer_Tapir opened a Pandora’s Box of Tomb Raider title suggestions. A few of our favorites: “Hoedown of the Tomb Raider?” “perpetual oscillation of the tomb raider?” “Mobius Path of the Tomb Raider?” “Suspension of the Tomb Raider?” “nose dive of the tomb raider” “Bottled Up Feelings of the Tomb Raider.”

No mammoth shots? Tusk, tusk.“—Michael R Trice, we like how you think.

tvd comment

So this is what The Vampire Diaries is about, right?

“Guest” responded to the indistinguishable faces of 40 male video game characters from E3 2014 with “Whoa, that’s a little harsh. After all, men are really hard to animate.” Tip of the hat to you, nonny.

“I actually have no problem with butt pose, because I think it’s legitimate to depict characters from any angle. What I object to is butt-provocatively-jutting-out-pose from an action character. This butt pose? Combined with a stance that suggests there will be action, of the combat type: shoulders are braced, head down, weapons at the ready.

Back-arched, butt and breasts jutting butt pose? Does not suggest combat readiness, and does not belong in an action film poster. It’s inaccurate depiction of a battle-ready woman. It does belong on a poster for something like Showgirls, in that it lowers the expectation that the women will be treated as if they were actual people.

(Edit: I had a look at Winter Soldier’s butt pose, and it is much the same: shoulders braced, head down, clearly geared for adversity and not of the sexual objectification kind. Perfectly legitimate butt pose for an action film.)” —Agreed, brainmist. I feel like I should clarify that when we talk about men in “butt pose,” there’s a level of sarcasm to it. “Butt pose,” as a concept, means more than just “a character posed in such a way that you can see their butt.” But (ahahaha) we may not have been clear on that. Love the comment.

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