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The Last Jedi Characters Mock Oscar Nominees In Hilarious “How It Should Have Ended” Video

"But Daniel Day-Lewis makes a bunch of dresses and everyone wants to suddenly throw trophies."


The Oscars are almost upon us, and you know who’s grumpy about it? Luke Skywalker, Rey, and Kylo Ren. The only movie they really liked was Get Out. (Force-users—they’re just like us!)

The always-entertaining folks over at How It Should Have Ended have moved away from their usual spotlight on one movie to take on all of the Academy Award nominated films this year. And they do so through Luke Skywalker grousing to Rey and Kylo Ren about The Last Jedi‘s lack of nominations, especially Best Picture (although it has a few in categories like Sound Mixing) and comparing their story to the nominated plots.

The video gets in some great digs all around, not just on the Oscar picks, but The Last Jedi as well. “We were critically acclaimed, Rey!!!” Luke exclaims while the screen flashes to the film’s high Rotten Tomatoes rating. “Yes, but the … ” Rey starts, as the screen zooms in on the significantly lower fan score. “The critics ALWAYS like what everyone likes,” Luke insists, which might be the funniest line here.

Luke is also upset about his lack of a Best Actor nomination.

Kylo Ren feels that he was robbed as well:

They’re then visited by what Kylo derisively calls “Snoke Torso,” and it turns out that the Supreme Leader is a secret shipper. First, he clears up that whole heritage thing:

He exits to a cry of “hashtag Reylo forever!”

And I mean, what about those Last Jedi visuals? Didn’t it seem like some scenes were just made to be awarded?

“Freaking awesome,” Kylo enthuses.

The only movie the characters admit to liking—and actually seeing—is Get Out. “And was seriously scary!” Luke says.

There are some truly great burns of the nominated movies here, like: “You have to have liked Dunkirk at least?”

“Is that the one with the soldiers on the beach while Hans Zimmer falls alseep on an organ?”

This wasn’t the worst year for genre films at the Oscars, which has a history of snubbing anything with a hint of magic or lasers. Guillermo del Toro’s The Shape of Water topped the nominations. But the genre-nominated pickings here are pretty slim considering what a blockbuster year it was for superhero movies (Patty Jenkins was robbed of a Best Director nom). And genre films still seem mostly relegated to recognition in categories like Production Design, which has Beauty & The BeastBladerunner 2029, and Shape of Water.

This video was a great way to present Oscar critiques. Maybe The Last Jedi really was overlooked. A person in love with a sea creature isn’t so special.

(via HISHE, images: screengrabs)

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