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The Internet’s New Favorite College Major Is Lesbian Dance Theory

Lauren Boebert clowns herself once again.

Michelle Krusiec as Wilhelmina Pang and Lynn Chen as Vivian Shing in 'Saving Face'.

Ever since President Joe Biden announced his historic student loan forgiveness plan, Republicans and terrible people online have been apoplectic. These haters, who were curiously silent when billionaires and corporations got massive tax relief and bailouts, are furious that people making under $125,000 are getting $10,000 in relief from crushing student loan debt. The White House has fired back at many Republicans who have whined about debt relief, bringing receipts for their PPP loan forgiveness to the tune of hundreds of thousand of dollars. But rank hypocrisy and shame never stopped Republicans before, and now the right is pivoting to bashing higher education and liberal arts degrees.

Colorado Republican and AR-15 who wished to be a real girl Lauren Boebert took to Fox News to bash student loan forgiveness. Boebert declared, “Joe Biden is robbing hard working Americans to pay for Karen’s daughter’s degree in lesbian dance theory.” Wow, a Karen calling a Karen a Karen? We’ve entered the Karen mirrorverse.

The internet quickly glommed onto imagined college major Lesbian Dance Theory, because frankly it’s hilarious. It’s also a perfect encapsulation of the Republican world view: anti-education, anti-arts, anti-LGBTQ, and anti-support for anyone who isn’t a millionaire or a corporation. Lesbian Dance Theory quickly became the meme du jour, and also had us wondering about our own college majors. I mean, would I have majored in Communication if LDT was an option? Who could say. It definitely beats my Bisexual Spoken Word Poetry minor, which I NEVER use.

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