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The House of El: Breaking Down the Supergirl Pilot

What's with Superman constantly leaving Supergirl with randos?!

Welcome to The House of El, a new video series where I’ll go beyond the Supergirl recap, delve a little into the DC Comics source material and other incarnations of the character, and hone in on a topic from that week’s episode of CBS’ Supergirl that I find interesting, annoying, or that really sticks in my craw. Wherever my “craw” is.

This week, the Supergirl pilot made me think about Superman’s history of leaving Kara Zor-El in random places, and how the best versions of Kara are the ones where she just shows up, stands on her own, and her cousin is far, far away.

What do you think of Superman’s relationship with Supergirl? How do you feel about Superman’s attitude toward Kara and his ideas about what she needs? I know there have been some really touching moments between them throughout the DC universe, so which are your favorites? What’s your favorite depiction of Superman and Supergirl’s relationship?

Discuss in the comments below! And I’ll see you next Thursday! (I promise I’m not spelling what you think I’m spelling. I literally mean there will be another video like this here on Thursday)

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