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The Honest Trailer for A Star Is Born Is Right That It’s Just Crazy Heart


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The time has come. Honest Trailers are finally giving the people what they want: An Honest Trailer about A Star Is Born. The Bradley Cooper remake has been the talk of the town for the last 6 months, and now that the Oscars have come and gone, we can finally get down to the nitty-gritty about A Star is Born—or, better yet, how Bradley Cooper is basically just playing Bad Blake from Crazy Heart and directed the movie to be … well, Crazy Heart.

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2018’s A Star Is Born is the fourth remake of the story, each one changing with the new age, except that Bradley Cooper’s version is essentially just the Barbra Streisand/Kris Kristofferson remake … but I actually like Jackson Maine.

The Honest Trailer is filled with Rocket Raccoon jokes, Sam Elliot saying the F word over and over again, and pointing out that we only get two songs from the movie stuck in our heads.

We know that neither Bradley Cooper nor Lady Gaga won an Oscar for their performances, but this Honest Trailer brought up the exact reason why I didn’t want Cooper to be nominated for Best Director. While a beautiful movie and one that I willingly admit to crying over when I saw it in theaters, A Star is Born is, essentially, Crazy Heart in the way that it is shot.

Putting Cooper’s character in a festival-esque setting and having Ally Maine climb to fame through the festival circuit? That’s just what was happening with Jeff Bridges and Colin Farrell in Crazy Heart, and it made sense then, because they were both established country stars.

Think about it. If you were at a festival and saw this random woman come out with Jackson Maine and sing “Shallow” with him, you’d probably be like, “That’s fun,” and not think about it again. Maybe this idea of being a viral sensation has ruined movies, but that wouldn’t happen. Honestly, I don’t think an artist like Jackson Maine would happen either, but we can’t be that picky.

So now that the award season is over and the chatter about A Star is Born is dying down, we’re still looking for some kind of fix because, even though we like to complain and make fun of it, a lot of us are still emotionally compromised from the film.

And lucky for most of us who are are obsessed with A Star is Born, now we’re getting 12 extra minutes of it (thanks, Bradley Cooper!) so we can all cry some more, sing “Shallow” for the next three years, and make all the Rocket Raccoon jokes our heart desires.

Oh no … I thought about “Shallow.” Now it’s never going to leave my brain again. Someone save me!

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