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Harry Potter Meets John Hughes in The Breakfast Club Parody Trailer

Listen: I am a huge damn sucker for John Hughes movies. Just… that’s just how it is, okay? So when I jumped on this Mashable mash-up (oh, I get it) trailer that combined Harry Potter with The Breakfast Club, I just about died. I’m going to tell you right up front, though: there’s no “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” to be found anywhere in here, which is a real damn shame because that song totally works for when Hermione casts the obliviate curse on her parents, right?! Ouch, okay, maybe not. I gave myself a sad.

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But this Mashable trailer is great. The Breakfast Club has its archetypes: the jock, the brain, the rebel, the recluse, and the beauty. Here, you can probably guess who’s who, but honestly, when they called Ron Weasley the beauty, I just about died. That just works for him, doesn’t it? Plus dubbing Draco’s lines over him looking all pensive or blowing that paper crane over to Harry was a real stroke of brilliance. They definitely made it almost look like he likes him. Also, this is a totally near-faithful recreation of the actual Breakfast Club trailer straight out of the 80s. Check it out.

Personally speaking, this trailer just totally works for me, and I’d love to see an 80s movie recut of all of Harry Potter. Wouldn’t you?

(via Nerdist)

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